Meet my Monkey!

I have literally JUST got this through! And as promised I am IMMEDIATELY sharing it with you all! (I hope that is allowed…oopsies!)

Anyway, I am more than proud to welcome Morgan the Monkey…so here is a brief overview; Morgan is a spacecraft test pilot who finds himself stranded on the moon after crash landing – he is taken in by the alien population who live there, and quickly becomes an exciting (if not a little mischeivous) part of their community!

I believe we are swaying towards the one on the right – has the balance of cheeky, and totally confused – don’t you think?

Monkey (Rough Sketch)One little, ickle problem though…he wants me to re-write the episodes I have submitted – says they need to build up to a big something, rather than “funny, funny, funny!” He says he isn’t worried, but now I am! I hope I can deliver…it’s amazing to see something like this actually come to life, as I said before I am/was somewhat frustrated with the pace things were moving (crippled snail clambering uphill speed) but now they are moving ever so slightly, I am getting that warm tingly feeling.

Maybe it’s just trapped gas. I hope not.

Anyway, let me know what you think my friends!

39 Replies to “Meet my Monkey!”

  1. Morgan does seem to have a rather interesting (and, maybe a little sad?) story. I mean, a monkey lost in space… That’s a biggie! He must have gone through a lot of experimenting, maybe life in captivity… I wonder, does he miss home? Or does he feel free? Can’t wait to read all about it! He’s awesome, by the way!

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  2. Congratulations John! To be honest, I like the one in the middle the best because of the bulging cheeks. Wishing you all the best! I’m sure the rewritten episodes will come out great. Better that you have to scale back the funny rather than be told you weren’t funny at all!

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    1. Thanks so much! 😀 Well, good news – it isn’t final by any means, this is just the first thing the artist came up with, so perhaps he’ll get bigger cheeks in the end, haha!

      That’s a nice way of looking at, you’ve lifted my out of my confused mood somewhat, cheers again! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations John, how exciting! I am sure you won’t have any problem with the re-write, after all they have faith in you that you can do it 🙂 I also like the little monkey on the right with his cute shaped head! All the best

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  4. Well, the character is adorable. Of course I haven’t seen the script, but I find you endlessly funny so I have all faith that you will be able to take it to the next level. Don’t know if any suggestions are welcome but maybe if you throw in some modern touches i.e. adding a bit about technology, cell phones, social media that could work in the scenario. Also, overbearing mothers are always funny. You probably already know this so hopefully these suggestions come off as helpful and not obnoxious.

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  5. I’d go for the small one on the left. He could be a the equivalent in the monkey world of a small man with a huge personality – George Burns, springs to mind.


  6. The one on the right for sure! The one in the middle looks like a baby. That right Morgan looks like wonder and feeling all rolled up into one. If he’s going to make it with the aliens he’s got to have some attributes they wonder about and end up liking. Building up to something big…Morgan finds and attracts a cutie alien, they have a whirlwind courtship with all the good and bad in any relationship…and in the end they get married. Another thought, what could Morgan bring to the alien population that would be helpful…teach them English? That would be a hoot! Bridging the language gap! Good Luck!


  7. I love Morgan the Monkey although I too think the RHS one looks more human than monkey! I actually prefer the LHS one or the middle one as both more monkey-ish! Can’t wait to see some colour shots!!

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  8. It’s a comic, right? Some sort of story ark is always good. In a lot of web comics I read, it starts out mostly “Funny funny funny” and you get to know the character. And as it goes on, it starts to build:) I say don’t worry too much, just make it fun and entertaining! Love the monkey and idea, good luck!


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