Kim Jon Un’s Hairstyle…

Sorry for the many expletives…but that’s to be expected when a hairdresser gives you a KIM JON UN style makeover – against your own will! I mean…COME ON!

33 Replies to “Kim Jon Un’s Hairstyle…”

  1. Haha oh my goodness. First time I hear of the “dictator-speedbump-hairstyle” who knows it might be THE hairdo of the year and you got the exclusive preview of the look! Work it… YAAS Gaga YAAS xD


  2. When your video finishes, lots of clips come up with Kim Jong Un. Yep! You have definitely got that hairstyle!
    The annoying thing is – you paid good money for this? Is it possible to trim a little off the longer bits to “blend” that “cottage loaf” into the bald bits?
    On the bright side, maybe your kindergarten kids will think it looks cool? 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness bad haircuts are the worst. It’s like you know its vain to complain about it because hair does grow back out, but that’s easier said than done when every time you look in the mirror you see it and you’re seething with annoyance!

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  4. This could inspire a sequel to The Interview. Let’s see . . . an unassuming kindergarten teacher in South Korea bears a striking resemblance to the Dear Leader, after an unfortunate experience with his barber. This leads to an unusual and dangerous job offer from a CIA agent . . .

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  5. lol 🙂 good news and bad news, John, listen up!
    the good thing is- hair is growing up! yes, it is!
    the bad news … well .. I’ll just tell you that: when I was in your situation … I was the only one crying around … everybody was laughing … the new entertainment you see … 😦 🙂
    thank god you have your face to cover it 🙂


  6. Just make friends with Dennis Rodman. He has to be hard-up for friends if he’s befriending dictators. His weirdness will deflect from your haircut. Problem solved.


  7. After watching this video, I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face & I nearly pe….. Um, forget that last bit.

    You really do look like an Asian pop singer from the 90s. LOL…Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. Next time, bring a photo of the style you want to the hair salon.

    I remember on my school abroad program in Beijing, a guy from my group wanted to go to the salon to get his hair dyed. He just wanted the tips/ends to be blond (like Justin Timberlake circa his ‘NSync days), but the stylist couldn’t understand what he was trying to describe (even though they were speaking the same language). So he ended up getting a spotted polka dot hair dye job. It was both hilarious and sad all at the same time.

    Good luck on your next haircut. I’m getting my hair cut this week and your video has just made me anxious. Kidding.

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