Treasure Your Kids! (Haemorrhoids)

I get a bit sappy on this one…also, erm…haemorrhoids. Apologies.

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15 Replies to “Treasure Your Kids! (Haemorrhoids)”

  1. Feeling parental isn’t weird, it’s only natural 😃. Coming from the student perspective, we often look up to our teachers when we are younger because they are the group of people who have as much influence as our parents, if not more. When we get older, the relationship becomes more selective: We admire the teachers who are compassionate, just as passionate about the subject as we are, and we look to the ones who are encouraging. They give us confidence that we may not be able to get from any other source. 😃


    1. I had a private one on one class just there, and for some reason we talked about his class teachers…he said they avoid him, and that teachers don’t like their students. When I protested he said “no, no – I know you love me, but others don’t” – well as the internet calls it, I got all the feels.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I totally agree. 🙂 and I’m lucky to have a couple of those in my past too.

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      1. And sometimes they make it really obvious that they’d rather be doing anything else. Like when they imply that “If you have to ask for help, you’re stupid”. Definitely not a good vibe …


  2. Have you by any chance stolen the Ark of the Covenant? Because when the Philistines had the CHUTZPAH to do so in King David’s time (long story,) God afflicted them with hemorrhoids so severe that when they squatted down to shit, mice ran up their asses and…did something. So the Philistines got the idea very quickly and sent the Ark back, accompanied by enormous sculptures of hemorrhoids cast in pure gold. Read it for yourself if you have nothing else to do. It’s in Samuel I.
    So maybe the little darlings had been learning all about Philistines, and hemorrhoids, you know, normal Bible stuff, and were all pumped up about it! Yes!


  3. ‘Atta boy, John! (At least you didn’t experience what my big brother did before barcodes. He was part of a long queue at the supermarket checkout to purchase a tube of Preparation H. The checkout person had to do a price check over the PA system.) 😀

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