Despite his namesake this 50 Cent character is far, far, far from broke. Here I break down exactly what is going on; it’s all clever legal maneuvering rather than Monopoly style madness. Worth a watch:

So what do you think of him then? Smart guy, or total knob? Both perhaps?

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6 Replies to “IS 50 CENT BANKRUPT?! (NAHH!)”

  1. I figured that was the case. I have no knowledge of what chapter and whatnot, but as soon as I saw the news I thought “yeah, no-one’s that happy about being bankrupt. This aint Kerry Katona” He’s kind of flagrantly showing how disingenuous he is, posing next to SmartCars and this. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a dick move. Presumably this woman trusted him not to use her as an object. Not only did he suggest that her sexual behaviour is a commodity for a man she’s no longer with, but he used and betrayed her in the process. Tbh I wish he was bankrupt. Chapter 7.

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    1. Kerry Katona! hahaha! But yeah it’s just so blatant as the move was pulled straight after the lawsuit ~ it’s clever but in an evil genius sort of way…well that’s if you’re being polite about it.

      Anyway man, I think you’re not alone in that thought, everyone seemed to be almost celebrating the news (despite it not being false in actuality)…he’s too big to go out like that unfortunately.


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