Five Reasons to be HAPPY!

Alright guys, I’m done with moping around – I’m done with the feeling sorry for yourself, kind of stuff! So I came up with five reasons that there are to be happy – this should help me, but it should also help you…or anyone else, who is a moany, groany bastard lately!

Enjoy! Oh…and if there are any more reasons – why not share them! Would love to hear ’em! 

If you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can!

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18 Replies to “Five Reasons to be HAPPY!”

  1. Honestly, #5 is the best reason to be happy…lol
    Actually there is not a lot to add. You summed it up so wonderfully. I’d say a reason to be happy is the fact that at each moment of in life we have the choice to find something that makes us happy and to do something that makes us happy. Both ways include unlimited possibilities.


  2. ….hahaha…yep, “moany, groany bastard” over here LOL. My cats love me…I think…or maybe they’re just hungry. Hard to tell with cats, you know…*laugh*


  3. Fuckitall – I’m a giraffe!!!
    You’re fucking amazing, John! And I love your ass 😉
    “Waterfall of happiness” is such a colorful way to describe the little things. Once you start looking for them, they’re everywhere and it’s totally like a waterfall!
    (BTW – even so, I really like your new hair 🙂 )


  4. You’re the coolest, this list rocks and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!
    Also, you’re hair looks a lot better than when you first got that haircut–another thing to add to your list 🙂


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