Losing weight.

I really want to lose weight. I am sick of it. It follows me around everywhere…clinging to me, dragging me down with no regard for how I feel. I have simply grew tired of this one sided relationship! So in desperation I tried to lose it in a shopping mall – I ran around a corner, and kept on running, hid in the bathroom for a little while…then meekly popped my head out to see if it had caught up, it hadn’t! But that moment of triumph was short lived…as it found me again in the food court. It always finds me eventually.


One time I tried to lose it in the countryside, I thought I would take it out, and trek up a huge mountain to wear it out – give a  promise of a huge meal at the end of it, and then just leave it there – drive away, and let it starve to death. But then when I returned home, it was already in the kitchen, eyeing up the fridge and cupboards.

It will never leave me, I am stuck in this situation, and will be forever.

A friend of mine said she lost her fat, but it took over three years to do so…apparently it was agonizing, and there were a few occasions when she caved, and would meet up with it – ignore her better judgement, and have a date at Mc Donalds like the good old days! But after a while she cut it off completely…and rarely hears from it these days.

That gives me a glint of hope…maybe someday I can lose my fat too.

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126 Replies to “Losing weight.”

  1. May be it is just me but the pictures of you don’t look fat at all! Perhaps you have fallen into the trap they say we girls fall into…looking at airbrushed anorexic/naturally but unusually thin models and trying to force a bigger but HEALTHY frame into that impossible ideal. I’m with justasillysomething. Diet and exercise for health reasons. Not for something as transient as looks. If you do it for any other reason you risk disappointment at best and an eating disorder at the worst. I know of what I speak. I pushed myself into an eating disorder when I was younger. Now as a middle aged woman I have health issues related to that, I risk falling back into those bad behaviors if I try to diet AND I AM NOW FATTER THAN I EVER WAS. Know what? I became what I feared and I love myself more than I ever did when I was your age and thinner.


    1. Well, thank you – maybe I have! I am more vocal than most guys are I suppose, it’s an embarrassing thing for a man to be so self-conscious about his weight (usually), but I guess this open platform gives me confidence to just spit it out. It is often looked at in terms of a woman looking at airbrushed images, but it is neglected to be mentioned on the other side…there are the same male Grecian god-like men littered around billboards, advertisements and movie screens! Interesting…

      Happy you love yourself, hope I can get there too 🙂


  2. Lol. Another great post. They have a saying, “if it tastes good it can’t be good for you.” That pretty much defines dieting. I think you should just keep trying to hide from your fat. Yup.


  3. 🙂 An interesting post about one of the most notable topics of people nowaday. I think healthy diet and losing weight are the concern of every man and woman in this fast-industrial food supply today 😦


  4. There is just so much to experience out there when it comes to food, and I do NOT think one should miss out on eating something he or she wants. BUT it is all about proportion and moderation. Those are key!

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