5 Things That Define Me.

I got an email out of the blue recently, with a rather intriguing question – the person wanted to remain anonymous (which is fair enough!), but said they were more than happy with me answering publicly on a blog post! 

The question was a lot longer, but in essence boiled down to – “what are five things that you feel defines you as a person?” Now, I’ll admit it took me a while…but after some soul-searching, and head scratching, I think I have a roughly formed answer…so, here goes…

1. Sense of Humour:

Funny GIF

This may be an obvious one to most, but I feel that my sense of humour best defines who I am…it’s in lots of ways my coping mechanism in awkward situations (that old stereotype), but in others I feel it serves to simply make my outlook brighter – as by making others laugh, as well as myself – it boosts my overall state of mind…and makes me feel healthier, and happier in the process. Naturally this site has taken that to the next level, and has worked wonders.

Wasn’t going to say this – but whatever – as someone who has secretly felt deeply depressed, and on  the brink of bi-polar disorder the past couple of years…my sense of humour has provided that light at the end of the tunnel.

Think of all of my stories, without any of the humour…they would just be inane ramblings about how fucked up, and horrible the world is, right? They would be just post after post, of how miserable I find my existence.Well, that was me, I’m embarrassed to say…so I guess I am starting things by saying thank you. 

Anyway, back to the jokes, here’s the next one:

2. Fashion Sense:

Style GIF

I’m not saying I am a diva, or anything of the sort! I don’t even follow trends for the most part, I just know what I like, and I like what I wear! It wasn’t always that way…Linkin Park hoody here…shaven head there…but after a few years of copying styles, and trying to fit in…I am finally at a point where I just don’t give a shit about all that.

Still wish I had more money so I could splash out a lot more, but for now I just have to Gok Wan it, by switching around stuff to make “fabulous” outfits. And yeah…I do like shopping…if that’s weird, then so be it, man!

3. Love of Food:

SpongeBob Food GIF

Listen – I tried the whole healthy eating thing, I kinda still go to the gym (ish), but I just can’t deny the bond I have with food. I’ve tried, and I’ve failed. What can I say? I can’t live without it! 

It must be love…as my old Grandmother used to say every time she was feeding me, “It’s like stuffing a bloody couch with you!”  But then again, if I ever declined food she said I was, “turning into one of those anorexics!” 

So hmm…couldn’t ever win. Whatever the reason, food is my soul-mate…my BFF.

4. Hip-Hop:

Hip Hop Hmmm GIF

Yeah, I get that look a lot. But music is a big part of my life, and although I love a whole host of stuff from other genres (your favorite artists included, perhaps!) Nothing has touched my soul like hip-hop has…and no, not so much the, bling-bling, yo-yo-yo, etc, etc, type (that’s my parent’s perception of it largely!) But instead I am talking about the early Outkast stuff, Talib Kweli, The Roots…Big KRIT…and so many more, clever wordsmiths, who touch on so many issues, and subjects the world can resonate with…if they just listen...all with a sense of humour and wit, without making the song “jokey”, or cheesey…they speak of a desire for something greater, about the work-ethic required to get there – and how true happiness has to be the goal to feel accomplished. There isn’t anything else like it, for me.

Oh, and yeah I did once think I would be a rapper (in my head only), but I then had a re-think, once I considered the fact you’d have to go up on stage…and in front of people…and…all that…MC RedCheekz…DJ Purrz-Piration…

Don’t really have a ring to it…oh well. 

5. My Mind:

Mind Funny GIF

So much of the human condition in itself is lived through our minds…that in itself, is fascinating to me. I just love the thought of everyone having this rare, and intricately unique tale to tell…and everyone having their own personal view-finder for the life they live. I live in my head, as I am sure lots of people do – thinking through just about everything, and every variation of every subject that pops up in there…my head is basically like a computer with a virus…except I am not sending in Norton any time soon…I am just doing my best to make sense of the pop-ups. 

The novel I am writing at the moment, explores this to the extreme…through the view of a deeply disturbed character. His actions, and his life itself blurs into each other – which has me intrigued…as when I consider this…so does my own. 


What about you then? Which 5 things define you? Have a little think – and let me know! Thanks again for the question…really made me think!


69 Replies to “5 Things That Define Me.”

    1. I was thinking it over all day! In the broader question the person mentioned for friends/family to be a given…so that was my first couple gone! Pfft! Didn’t think it would be so hard to really “look at myself”!


      1. See – I think for some, family may not play as much of a role. So I don’t know if I would include that as a given for everyone. I’m almost done with my 30 Days of Thanks challenge and will add this to the list of things to tackle after this month.


  1. Great post, I think some of those same things define me as well.

    Anyway, since it’s a slow blogging week, I might think about this more and do my own, not nearly as funny of course, version.

    God bless,


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  2. Love of whimsy and true magic, cheap light beer, being an obsessive power-hungry workaholic, believing that there’s no nature like the Russian Nature, and being absolutely the least judgmental person I know.


  3. Hi John, great post as always. I would also list humour at the top of my list of what defines me, as I too see it as a way to try and combat, or at least try and make sense of depression,by trying to see the funny side of life, also I would choose hard-working, I’ve nicked another one off you as well, as I love my food, I’m going to have to put clumsy as well, as it is, unfortunately a huge part of who I am. and lastly I am quite a caring person That sounds really naff, but I enjoy looking after people, or helping in some way,


  4. Oh this is great – the potential for some real soul-searching here. I don’t know that I can answer right away; I see why it took you a while. I will get back to this and in the meantime will read everyone’s replies so that I can steal their ideas … err … I mean … allow other perspectives to enlighten me.

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  5. Thanks for sharing with us, John. Hmmmm…. I’d think a bit before sharing my own, though I have a weird feeling the list is unfolding through my recent posts. A friend recently said, “Your voice has changed a LOT recently in your blog.” I find I’m digging deeper and wider…. and finding more of ‘me’ along the way. Defining?? Possibly.

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    1. That’s a great thing! I wonder whether I will stay in one “voice” or more so will it just adapt, as we grow…that is probably likely, after all if we could talk to ourselves ten years ago we would barely recognise ourselves!

      Defining…I like it.

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  6. Very cool question. I enjoyed the honesty with which you’ve answered it. It’s surely thought provoking. I also like that you’ve chosen humor as your lens through which to see all sorts of things about the world. That’s a gift to be able to do that, even if it’s hard.

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  7. Humor is one of those things, which can you get you out of any sticky situations. My wife says it is one of the things she admires about our relationship. I am right there with you, in regard to shopping. I know a number of tailors around the globe, so if you are someplace and you need some assistance, I am right here to send them your way (if they are in that country of course).

    I love tailored and bespoke attire. It is one of the other things my wife loves about me. I know the sizes of all immediate family members, so I go shopping quite often for then, especially my wife. As for suits–boy, they are an addiction of mine.

    One of the best parts about my eating/training routine, includes the number of times I can eat during the day. I may eat a healthy mixture per meal of lean protein, starchy carbs and fibrous carbs, but I love food. Good Hip-Hop is beautiful. A majority of artists today are elementary school rappers, and I just cannot listen to their nonsense. But good Hip-Hop will never die. However, elementary school rhymes are why I branched into other genres, to balance out myself. The mind; a compact supercomputer at our disposal. I find that idea to be an awesome one

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    1. Man, you and your wife seem to have a good thing going! You understand each other, and don’t flinch to say what you admire in each other (and in doing so what you don’t too I bet!) I think if you have a good sense of humor between yourself, and your other half – then that is really half the battle won…as every problem, obstacle, and situation can be met with a more positive angle. I don’t know, that’s what I’d like to think anyway.

      On a serious note (ish!) I’ll be in touch about the suits 😀


  8. This was great, thanks for sharing! Was shocked to read about your depression/bipolar. Proud of you though for being brave enough to put it out there. Somehow it gives the feeling of being “human” or vulnerable to others, that they also share these experiences. Whenever I hear strangers in public places talking about their Anxiety or panic attacks, it gives me a sense of camaraderie or relief. There are other people out there like me! I also liked your viewfinder analogy 🙂 keep writing, keep sharing, and keep your head up!

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    1. Thank you, I don’t know – I felt comfortable enough now to share that…it’s funny really, I emailed my own Mother almost like a confession, earlier this year – it’s odd, highs and lows. It’s great for writing I find, as it can channel that energy.

      You’re very encouraging, always – and it is honestly appreciated (always say that, but that doesn’t make it any less true!)


  9. That’s a tough question. I’m impressed with what you came up with. I agree with you about humour. It gets you through the bad spells and makes the good times even better.

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  10. Reading your answers I have come to a realisation…I think we are twins and we were separated at birth 😳
    I was reading your post and it’s as though they were my thoughts pre written.
    Thanks for the post and for keeping it real as always.

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  11. Great post, and I love how you cleverly and deliberately skimmed over the depression thing. It’s widely known that creative/artistic/funny people struggle with this. I am not immune myself. It’s not a weakness but rather, it’s a side effect of a gift. That’s what I think anyway :).

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    1. Thanks Kim 🙂 I didn’t expect anyone to pick up on that really! I suppose I didn’t want to frame it as a huge announcement, rather just a facet of personality…anyway your words are very comforting, thank you 🙂


  12. Agreed with @zotzotzotblogger… really brave to show a human side and it’s always hard to talk about depression or real feelings and all that. Good for you. You seem to have left out Eminem in your most favorite rappers? 🙂


  13. I so enjoy what you have to say here. I would love to be defined as a stylish, cosmopolitan man of the world but I suspect to most I look exactly like Patrick Star in the clip you inserted regarding food,

    Growing up with a grandma who ensured that we had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper (with huge quantities of butter, cream and lard) every day made the love of food a survival instinct.

    Many thanks for your inspiration. 🙂


    1. hahaha! You, and I both sir!

      It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one with a butter loving Grandma! Can’t say I complained much – you can get away with that kinda eating then…now I eat some ice cream, and I can feel my thighs chafe, haha!

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      1. Oh for my 18yr old metabolism again! You could polish off a platter of scones, jam and cream (double of course) and burn it off in 2 hours.

        Looking forward to your next posts and thanks again.:)


  14. Wow great way to get to know you. Thanks for sharing. I also love how you attacked this, kinda feel like I know you now. 🙂 Actually deeper than before, and you already share pretty good.

    But this one was a cut deeper… 🙂 The Britney GIF made me laugh too.


  15. What Defines me?
    – My Aspirations
    – My Ability
    – My Knowledge
    – My Experience

    These are all things I can be gauged at.
    – My Actions, I feel are what define me.

    Great Question.



  16. I was a little concerned with “hip hop” but I fully appreciate your references. Had you said Iggy Azalea, Maclamore, or even Nicki Minaj, I may have wall slid. Recently “pop” has been misconstrued as “hip hop” and the term is tossed around like dirty panties in a laundromat. Even as time marches forward and “hip hop” becomes less prevalent, hearing the term being misused doesn’t get any easier. Nonetheless, I can relate to the 5 things that define you as I have never given much thought to what defines me. I think I will piggy back on this! Thx for the inspiration. 🙂


  17. If you love food, you don’t show it. Lucky you! And you like hip hop – if you like the “conscious” type, I wonder if you’ve heard of Prince EA?


  18. Cool list. For the love of food and healthy eating, I’m with you – I failed but that was only because I was trying to eat the healthy foods that I didn’t like. There are healthy foods you like and you can eat a ton of those and then once in a while indulge in the unhealthy stuff. I should blog about this because. I also enjoy hip hop but old school. I have not been feeling the new hip hop songs. Looking forward to your book. The mind is a powerful tool.


  19. I can relate to you a lot, except my humour is more physical and acting rather stupid and I’d rather rock ‘n’ roll/country to hip hop. Still just listen to the roots and they’re not bad. 😉


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