Dreaded Dong Chim (똥침)

I’ve discussed it before…but that doesn’t mean it’s anything less than shocking – every – single – time! Surprise fingers jolting up your bum…no one should get used to that!

Oh,  and here’s the aforementioned post, about the dreaded dong chim! I hope the craze stops soon…I’m sore. 


25 Replies to “Dreaded Dong Chim (똥침)”

      1. I’m not sure which country it started, but I remember that so many kids did it when I was young. I never did it myself, because, it just seemed so mean (and rude)… Anyway, my respect for teachers who have to experience this. I didn’t know it still went on… 😦


  1. Holy crap are you serious. Thats ridiculous. I would slap someone in the face over slap ass, dong chim would probably provoke me to murder. Lol.


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