I had to get this off my chest – it’s an injustice that should be made history, immediately! Why we put up with it I just don’t know! 

I think I made my point…ish…kinda

16 Replies to “KID’S DRAWINGS SUCK! (RANT)”

  1. You’re so right! Kids’ drawings are ace! What sucks is the equipment. Worse than oil pastels, imo, though are poster paints in primary colours. Especially the powder stuff that never mixes properly. Yes, you can mix them yo go beyond the limits of primary colours…but everything ends up brown. Which is beyond wrong when given the limitless potential of a kid’s imagination. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good times. Blame it on the Berol.
    PS Should we be a little concerned that as a kindergarten teacher you seem to be struggling with the concept of ‘2’? 😉

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    1. hahaha! Yes that is a concern, but shhhhh – I’ll get it someday!

      Anyway yes, kid’s drawings man – they’re so imaginative, and often very detailed! Then when they have to slap colour on it all goes wrong, you can see it in their faces too, just like a “oh…man…never mind” – what are these companies thinking!

      I wish you had taught me that jingle before, would have been a good way to finish, haha! 😀

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  2. Personally I think felt tips are a bit dodgy as well. Now I love a kid’s drawing, and I have some of my daughter’s efforts on my fridge but NOT the ones coloured in with felt tips. If they haven’t run out almost as soon as you start colouring, then you are lucky. They are blotchy and messy, You end up with blobs all over your hands. If you take the innards out (which you inevitably have to do) and finish the colouring with the innard, it makes even more mess, but at least you can finish the picture! By the way, I liked your overly large head in the kid’s drawing!

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    1. HAHAHAHA! I’m cracking up over here! Felt tips, you know…fresh out the box I liked them, but after a while when they are all dried up…liability I tellz ya!

      And yeah, big head – HUGE – quite the insult by the little rascal! haha!

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  3. John, you are killing me. Don’t ever stop recording this videos. I can’t stop laughing. You are amazing! After or next to your career as teacher you should work as actor. You are the next Jim Carrey!

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