Low Fat…Low Fun.

Sitting here, staring into the grey abyss of my cereal bowl. The foul putrid liquid that softens, and dulls the frosted flakes – turning them into flavorless cardboard husks before my very eyes. How did it come to this? Do I deserve this fate, which is surely worse than death? 

Low fat…it’s low fun. It’s flavourless, it’s bland. There is no bacon, no cheese. No syrup, no chocolate – no extras, no treats.


You don’t want diabetes, you don’t want cancer, you don’t want obese bum cheeks…or whatever else they say. So naturally you end up following certain elements of these horrible currents of advice. I’m waiting, not so patiently – for when we begin to celebrate real men or whatever, who have a nice little pouch stomach…like a kangaroo I guess, but not as cute, and well no baby – just gluttony in there. When we begin to celebrate real men for having burger bap nipples, and chaffing thighs – well then I can just let go completely, and will possibly never stop. I can’t wait. 


Like I literally can’t wait, so fuck it – I’ll just start now, best to get a head start…right? 



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38 Replies to “Low Fat…Low Fun.”

      1. I did the same a couple of years ago, and it was just too gross! Half the “low fat” stuff was super sweet too, which was horrible. Now I just try to keep track of what I’m eating, and it works reasonably well (most of the time).
        If I know I’m going out, I’ll just plan to eat really healthy for the days around it, and just call that day a “free day” and not track my food.


  1. Real men are hot! Indulge now and again. What’s the point if living otherwise. I find that if I eliminate most fatty foods and then indulge, the pain that follows the joy is usually enough to manage my cravings and indulge more moderately. Good luck!!! 🙂

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  2. I’ve looked at fat “from both sides now”, and still somehow, it’s fat’s illusions I recall, I really don’t mind fat….at all. (apologies to Joni Mitchell).

    All I can say is pay attention to your cravings, they will tell you what you are really missing and go for it (but in moderation). Sometimes, carbs are way more dangerous than fats as recent studies are showing. And really, everyone deserves that bacon cheeseburger once in a while !! Live your life, you’re in your 20’s !!!! Van


  3. I don’t do “diets” ever. I’d rather enjoy life and go in my 50s then be miserable and live to 100.

    That being said, I do eat in moderation and try to eat more sensibly. A blog mistake is denying cravings, which I don’t. I simply satisfy myself with smaller portions but eat what I want.

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  4. Haha, I like high-fat foods, myself. ‘Just a reminder, though: how you treat yourself now; i.e., the way you eat and how you exercise will have a profound impact on the state of your health & well-being 10, 20, and plus years from now. And you’re right not to deprive yourself, either. 🙂


  5. I am so sick of Chocolate Fiber One cereal, which I actually like, but it’s NOT a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich…which is what I really want. *sigh* Maybe I’ll start doing meth…that looks effective with the weight loss.

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  6. Fat is not the real problem, sugar is. You can eat healthy fats that are tasty. Cereal is just that – a cardboard box made of sugar. In my opinion you are better off eating a turkey burger than you are eating a bowl of cereal. What is in turkey burger? Turkey (protein), Bread (carbs), Cheese (Protein & Fat); Tomatoes & Lettuce (Vegetables); etc. What is in Cereal? Sugar and then…Hmmm…no idea!
    If people focused on eating more home cooked tasty meals, they will make so much more progress on the health journey.


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